The Ascend Specialist Programme aims to build well-rounded students. Specialists – who are experts in their respective fields – work collaboratively with classroom teachers to scaffold meaningful project that allow students to create, explore, and grow as lifelong learners.

Students receive specialist instruction in art, music, technology, language, P.E., and science.  Students visit one or two of our Specialists every day.  Specialists create enriching curriculum and work to integrate classroom subject studies into their areas of expertise.

Yoga is a holistic science that recognizes that the health and fitness of the mind and body are of paramount importance to our happiness and well-being. At Ascend, our Yoga programme endeavours to equip students with an abundance of Yoga Techniques and concepts meant to build self-awareness and self-discovery. We believe that prevention is always better than a cure.

In PE, students learn the importance of physical activity and how to appropriately engage in various types of movement. Classes emphasize different components of fundamental and specialized motor skills through interactive games and activities. These activities keep students regularly in motion and build a strong foundation of physical and cooperative skills intended to strengthen students’ confidence and encourage lifelong physical activity.

Set within a fun and challenging environment, the Hindi programme is designed to celebrate India’s national language and to encourage students to be open-minded towards gaining a balanced and meaningful insight into the manifold nature of Indian culture.

The Music programme gives students opportunities to experience music in a fun, hands-on and creative environment. The curriculum is designed to deepen children’s understanding of the elements, skills, techniques, and fundamentals of music. Students create, perform, listen and respond to music in a variety of ways, working both individually and with others.

The Art programme is designed to help each student express their creativity while teaching the foundational artistic concepts – such as the elements of design, colour theory, and the contexts in which art is created. The programme is structured to integrate frequently with classroom curriculum while collaborating with the rest of the Specialist team, in order to extend and deepen each child’s learning experience. In addition to art creation, students are continuously guided to make connections and respond to a variety of artworks in order to further their comprehension and appreciation of the visual arts.

The Ascend Library programme prepares students to navigate the complex world of information. They use both print and digital resources in an ethical manner, evaluating and synthesizing information to solve problems, further research, and foster their curiosity. In addition, students develop a lifelong love of reading as they become acquainted with stories and literary genres from around the world.

The Spanish programme in the PYP is all about creating communicative competence while achieving the listening, speaking, reading, and writing goals. The programme is designed to create a Spanish learning environment where the students explore the language through singalongs, role plays, and various interactive learning experiences that in turn make them global citizens.

El programa de español en PYP se trata de crear competencia comunicativa a través de comprensión de lectura, comprensión auditiva, expresión e interacciones escritas y expresión e interacciones orales. El programa está diseñado para crear un ambiente de aprendizaje de español donde los estudiantes exploren el idioma a través de canciones, juegos y diversas experiencias de aprendizaje interactivo que los convertirá en ciudadanos globales.

Swimming at Ascend is designed to build awareness of safety in an aquatic environment; our objective is to prepare students with lifesaving skills used in both prevention and rescue. Our program aims to guide students learn, develop and perform in an enjoyable and challenging atmosphere which will help them build confident and be competent but safe in the water.

The drama programme at Ascend International School allows students to explore a variety of styles and aspects of theatre. The curriculum spans topics such as devising techniques, world theatre, theatre history, implementation of theatre theory, and theatrical design. In PYP students have the opportunity to participate in drama clubs after school, learning basics of performance and gaining comfort in front of an audience. In MYP years, students explore drama and drama history with more focus in their grade-level drama class.

The goal of the Design and Technology programme is to help students better understand technology as a useful tool in their ever-changing world. Students are guided through processes and projects that help them recognize that both modern and historic technologies can enhance and change how we interact with the world. By using the six IB ICT (Information Communication Technology) skills to investigate, create, communicate, collaborate, organize and be responsible digital citizens students are eagerly exploring their world through innovative platforms of software and hardware.