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State of the Art School Campus Facilities

Unique to Mumbai, this spectacular new state of the art facility, designed by award winning architect, Don Carlson, of Mithun Architects in Seattle, Washington, is located in the Banda Kurla Complex across the waterway from the Bombay University midtown campus. AIS's unique educational spaces are cutting edge, open and purposeful, designed to emphasize collaborative work amongst students and reflect the open design and layout of modern architecture.
The school is a multi-story facility designed so that at an early age, students acquire a life long love of learning and the sense of curiosity and discovery. The AIS campus building includes the pre-elementary and elementary school, central administration, a rooftop swimming pool and apartments for faculty and visiting scholars.
The AIS building is designed to be a campus on many levels. As you ascend upward through the school, outdoor terraces provide spaces for educational purposes at every level - for art, science, technology - spaces for collaborative work, for gathering, for projects and for experimentation. The classrooms have an airy light-filled quality of their own and each floor includes multiple open studios, quiet nooks and loft spaces, interconnected studio classrooms and a private zig-zag stair to the playgrounds below.
AIS classrooms are designed specifically for the experiential learning educational model. Therefore, the learning spaces do not resemble traditional classrooms. Classrooms are larger and function more as studio workshops with worktables, informal gathering places and private study nooks. The classrooms of each floor are interconnected with unique child-sized passage doors allowing cross-class work and sharing of discoveries. Classrooms are situated around a central multi-purpose studio for project-based work and investigations.
The ground level of the school is dedicated to outdoor play areas with a play field, playgrounds, lush plantings, a tricycle track, sand area and a discovery jewel garden for the youngest students. The building floats above the ground with a high "stilt" area with expanded play areas underneath. A series of pools, weirs and a waterfall wall expand the learning/play experience. The grounds also include several unstructured play areas, turf, sport flooring with large play structures and open space for unstructured play as well as team sports.
The third floor is the resource floor of the school - the "town center" - where the library wing, the art studios, music room, science labs, and yoga studios are located. Like the classroom floors, the library and specialty classrooms are clustered around a central studio workshop area complete with outdoor project and experiment terraces.
The interconnectedness of the school - both horizontally on each floor and vertically from ground to sky create a unique experience for each student to learn from their fellow students through communication and observation of the collective creativity. The school will be a living organism that is an inspirational place for learning and growing.
5, ‘F’ Block, Opp. Govt. Colony, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai - 400051, India
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