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Elementary Program
The Ascend International School model provides an innovative early elementary and elementary primary school curriculum, serving children from pre school (3 years) to grade 5. The primary curriculum for these early years lays the foundation for a student's future and AIS international primary school program recognizes the importance of cultivating a joy for learning while imparting strong foundational skills and concept understanding. Students' social and emotional growth is also a central focus of elementary school education starting as early as the pre kindergarten level as children grow and begin to define who they are as learners, friends and citizens.
AIS’ faculty utilize current educational research and a deep understanding of children’s developmental levels to craft interdisciplinary primary school curriculum that is both individualized and meaningful within the context of students’ lives.  Faculty support students’ social and emotional growth and promote an understanding of what it means to be part of school, local and global communities.
In the AIS model, which is a breakthrough model for education in India, students learn to ask questions, see connections and reflect on their learning process. Students who graduate from the AIS international primary school program are confident self-advocates, practiced collaborators, and skilled communicators who possess strong foundational academic and social skills that will propel their learning in the Middle Years Program.
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