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Letter from Chairman
Welcome to the Ascend International School community.  AIS is an extension of the work of the Kasegaon Education Society, which has been committed to ensuring quality education for children and young adults across Maharashtra for over 65 years. 

Growing up, as my father (Late Rajarambapu Patil) founded KES, I learned that education is the most powerful gift we can bestow upon the individuals of our society.  Over the years as KES grew, I frequently visited schools and became interested in what it means to provide “quality” education. As Chairman of Governing Council of Rajarambapu Institute of Technology, my understanding of the importance of creating not only skilled workers, but ones that are equipped with the ability to think critically, grew.

Bhagat Patil: Chairman
As an entrepreneur that successfully built The Garden Court Group, which encompasses a chain of successful restaurants, a sugar trading business and edible oil production, I have also thought about the ways in which an educational system can help foster the thinking skills necessary to enter successfully into the world of business.
Conventional models of education often impose skills absent of understanding and students can begin to distance themselves from the enjoyment of learning and limit their own educational pursuits.  This traditional approach often communicates that children are “wrong” for making mistakes, which is a natural part of the learning process.  At AIS children learn academics, but also learn the value in making mistakes and asking questions—the truest path to learning.  The AIS model, developed in partnership with acclaimed University Child Development School in the United States, unveils the joy of learning in a meaningful context.  If children love to learn and understand the reason why knowledge is important—half of the work is done—they are motivated to master skills and investigate subject matter deeply.
I am proud to be the Chair of AIS’ Governing Council.  Our long term vision is to create a model of education for India so that all children and teachers can have access to this type of education.  All children should be able to experience the joy of  learning, the value in hard work and the celebration in the success that results.
Bhagat Patil
Chairman, Ascend International School
5, ‘F’ Block, Opp. Govt. Colony, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai - 400051, India
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