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Letter from Principal
Meg Roosa, AIS Principal
Welcome to the Ascend International School Community,

At Ascend International School, our mission is "to deliver a rigorous and collaborative 21st century education where students discover a lifelong love of learning. Our innovative program is grounded in contemporary educational research. Through individualized education, we foster academic excellence and cultivate self-confident, creative, reflective, and analytical thinkers. AIS students are motivated to act in the selfless tradition of the Indian heart, actively contributing to their expanding global community."
Meg Roosa : Principal
Welcome to a turning point in international education. Today, some of the best minds in the world are focusing their attention toward schools and learning. Ascend International School is designed to take advantage of the most innovative practices and research in education. Our students are poised to respond to the developing landscape that technology and globalization pose, creating self-assured, competent, compassionate leaders that are ready to engage the world around them.
What do today's students need to thrive? Tony Wagner's research with American CEOs terms the 21st century needs of the business world as "The Seven Survival Skills," which he identifies as, "critical thinking and problem solving; collaboration across networks and leading by influence; agility and adaptability; initiative and entrepreneurialism; effective oral and written communication; accessing and analyzing information; and curiosity and imagination." Howard Gardner's recent work identifies a need to address these concerns in education through development of "Five Minds for the Future," which he relates as "The disciplinary mind (deep mastery in an area of expertise); the synthesizing mind; the creating mind; the respectful mind; and the ethical mind." These ideas invigorate me as an educational leader and call AIS to action.
AIS recognizes that to be successful in an ever-evolving world means children must learn how to learn. It is important for our children to access resources, evaluate information and critically analyze data. Interacting with a diverse community means children must develop effective communication skills, be able to think flexibly, entertain multiple perspectives and collaborate to build upon a collective body of knowledge.

At Ascend International School, our mission informs everything we do. From our individualized curriculum to our state-of-the art facilities, each piece of our community is designed with intention. Our students are the beneficiaries of this thoughtful design. They play, learn and create in the spaces teachers and architects designed to reflect child development and promote innovative thinking. Here, students gain a deep understanding of concepts and build fluency with academic skills that are imbedded in the research-driven curriculum created by our knowledgeable faculty. They foster friendships, learn how to listen deeply and express themselves confidently through the purposeful design of our multi-age, collaborative classrooms. They learn to take risks, ask questions, entertain multiple perspectives and reflect on their process through the guidance and modeling of teachers who are passionate about learning.

We invite you to become familiar with the Ascend community. Read about our philosophy. Research the success of our Seattle-based partner University Child Development School. We invite you to visit us. Come see the kinds of spaces, innovative teaching methods, creative processes and deep passion that have inspired the formation of this new community and brought this philosophy from around the globe to your doorstep.

Meg Roosa

5, ‘F’ Block, Opp. Govt. Colony, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai - 400051, India
T:+91 02271222000     Email: admin@ascendinternational.org
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